Where do I go from here?

  1. Stay in Touch- you are not in this alone.
  2. Put on your own oxygen mask first...what does that mean?
  3. Have an accountability partner. Either a lady from our team, another consultant from another team or different company (friendly competition is great) or a family member who really keeps you on your toes!


Rising Leaders:
  1. Connect with your leaders (Sr. Consultants or above) once a month
  2. Recognize your team at least once a month (top sales, top recruits, most parties...)
  3. Work your PERSONAL bizz...don't let that ever be last on your list!

For those of you moving into Director..we will have more help and training for you there.  This does not have to be rocket science or a burden. So keep an open communication with YOUR Director and let's do this together!

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