Call One

Goal Setting:


What is your Vision for your business?
What is your vision/dream for yourself/family?
Do you know where you want to be next? 
Let's look at the Career Path
How will you get there?

What is your combination/goal for yourself?

How Many Parties are on your calendar right now?

How many would you like to have a month?

Have you seen the career path on Thirty-One Today ?  Go to toolbox and check it out there now if you have not!
Share with us where your next level is, what dream do you have?
What steps can you take to get there?
What can you do in 1 week, 1 month, 3 months?

Where is the most effective place to grow your business going to be?

Here is homework for call one: 
  1.  Decide for yourself what your Formula will be. Make it a challenge but consider all aspects of your life and make it attainable.   Email this to me before our next call. (by Friday if possible)
  2. Tell me what you want from your business by this time next year. Make sure you look at the career path and see what it will take to get there.  Give me 3 Goals- What you want 2 weeks from now (ie, more parties, more leads, better party presentation...),  what you want 3 months from now (ie, a recruit, more parties on calendar, better routine)  and what you want a year from now. (ie, promotion, bigger team, more pay....)
  3. Share with me your "Why".
Would love to have all of this emailed to me by Friday!

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