Homework Week 4

Week 4 Homework Assignment  only!

Here it is!  This is meant to be fun. So just go with it! You must create your own training video.  It only has to be 3 minutes long and it needs to cover one of the following:
  1. Sponsoring/recruiting
  2. Booking Parties
  3. Hostess Coaching
  4. CER-ing your team
You can post it on youtube and send us a private link or you can post it on the Facebook page for the whole team to benefit!  I can't wait to see your creativity!  If you post it on facebook:
  1. Needs to be a small file. So if you do it in windows movie maker, save it small like a "save for email" type size.
  2. You can't use copyrighted music (if you go all out and add music) Because Facebook will take it down.
  3. Post it on our private facebook page so the whole team can enjoy!
  4. Here is my sample video!  Nothing high tech, super simple!
Go enjoy ladies!

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